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Get the finest quality products like Transmission Gear, Automotive Crankshaft, Auger Screw, etc.
About Us

We, Precimake Engineering, are a company situated in the city of Kolkata, India, and one of our units is ideally located near the Netaji Shubhash Chandra Bose International Airport. Our company has the most up-to-date equipment and technology, and we provide key OEMs in the market of steel mills, electrical rotating machines, as well as hydro-turbines. We always develop items like Automotive Crankshaft, Industrial Seals, Industrial Bearings, Bevel Gear, etc., based on our ideas and according to the demands of our customers. Our in-house design knowledge, with specialization in the design of white metal-lined bearings and white metal-lined bearing applications is at the heart of our production function. Since the year 2000, we have been a prominent manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler of such premium quality goods. Additionally, we are a third party exporter.

Why Choose Us

Given below are the major aspects which reflect why to choose us over others in the market:

  • Quality- We make certain that our customers receive high-quality products and solutions.
  • Excellence- We believe in offering the greatest innovation to the businesses of customers in order to help them flourish.
  • Client-driven- We constantly put our customers first in all of our business operations, and we endeavor to meet or exceed client expectations.
  • Commitment- Our team members are continually striving to improve procedures so that our clients may accomplish their goals.

Quality & In-house Test Facilities

We maintain the best quality levels across our whole product line including Industrial Seals, Bevel Gear, Automotive Crankshaft, Industrial Bearings, etc. Moreover, our in-house test facilities include the following:

  • In-house ultrasonic testing
  • Universal testing machine
  • In-house DP testing
  • Hardness testing machine
  • Certified welding procedure
  • Electronic surface comparator
  • Certified NDT level II operator
  • Certified welder

Test Specification

Unless otherwise noted, the below mentioned procedures or tests in addition to others are carried out in Babbit Bearings:

  • Chemical Mechanical tests as applicable for: for Bush and Housing
  • Kerosene leakage test for Housing
  • Ultrasonic tests: For checking the Bond
  • Dehydrogenation: for Bush
  • DP test: for Bush
  • Major Dimension check

Quality Management

Quality management is highly important for our company and it gets demonstrated in our premium product range comprising Bevel Gear, Industrial Bearings, Industrial Seals, Automotive Crankshaft, etc. Furthermore, our quality management measures can be indicated by the following:

  • We continually improve our quality policy and ensure the satisfaction of customers
  • We keep conducting internal audit
  • We provide education & training
  • We have a policy in place to hire professionally competent individuals through professional agencies
  • We invest in updated instrument and equipment
  • We make investments in new instruments and equipment
  • We closely monitor the complaints of customers
  • Product NCR and preventive system
  • We thoroughly examine corrective and preventative measures
  • Calibration
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